Minervajobs.co.uk is the first, entirely free job portal dedicated to careers in data science, big-data and highly quantitative/numerical roles with a particular focus in the fields of economics, finance and statistical sciences.

This platform was conceived by a group of professional statisticians, data scientists and economists working in the private sector and academia and has the principal aim the one of building a professional network where highly specialized job seekers and employers could interact and discuss employment and as well as career advancement opportunities.

We understand from first-hand experience that the hiring process is the biggest challenge when it comes to hiring profiles with high anlytical, programming and numerical skills. In fact, listing new openings on generic and populated job boards is a tedious and costly task. Moreover, this process might elicit thousands of e-mail inquiries and applications per post, most of which do not match the job specification requirements.

We target a specific audience making the job-search process more effective and efficient for employers.


Minervajobs is a Minerva statistical consulting ltd company whose registered address are at 86-90, Paul street, London EC2A 4NE, UK. Registered company number : 10177005.